Evolutionary Christianity

Some devout Christians initially express concern when they see the wide range of religious leaders and congregants, as well as Nobel laureates and other leading scientists and science-oriented writers and academics (including many non-Christians), who have publicly endorsed my book, Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World. If its broad appeal is also a stumbling block for you, I invite you to sample first my 12-page "Evolutionary Christianity" essay. Then, as led by the Holy Spirit, prayerfully follow your heart in deciding whether to engage with the book itself.

Thank God for Evolution is not for everyone. I wrote it with six very different audiences in mind:

  1. Those who embrace evolution but don't have joy, peace, or a deep sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.
  2. Conservative and liberal Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Anabaptist believers.
  3. Progressive Christians and those involved in the Emerging Church movement.
  4. WWJD-type evangelical "Christ followers" (i.e., those committed to following Jesus "in His steps").
  5. Anyone and everyone struggling with their sinful nature.
  6. Non-Christians, ex-Christians, people of no faith, and those of other faiths.

Thank God for Evolution is NOT intended for those whose walk with God is solidly embedded within a strict, literalist interpretation of scripture. Those who think that God stopped speaking and providing clear guidance in the distant past are not likely to find my book helpful, nor inspiring. But those who experience twinges of doubt when the book of Genesis is used line-by-line to explain the creation of this world, and those who realize that a loving God would still be revealing things we couldn't have received thousands of years ago, and would still be guiding us today just as in biblical times, these types of religious believers are likely to experience the perspective offered in my book, not as a breath, but as a gust, of fresh air.

Rather than diminishing the core teachings of our faith, the God glorifying, Christ edifying, scripture honoring evolutionary worldview offered in TGFE shows how universally true many of the core insights of our tradition really are, and does so in a way that non-religious (and even anti-religious!) people can hardly deny. For more on this, again, see my Evolutionary Christianity essay and especially chapters 8-12 of my book.