Responses to Our Public Presentations


Since the beginning of our full-time itinerant evo-evangelistic work, in early 2002, Connie and I have addressed more than a thousand religious and non-religious audiences across North America. We are both humbled and thrilled at how the Evolution Theology (Evo-Theo) message we have been called to communicate resonates with the vast majority of those to whom we've presented, from Catholics and Quakers, to Baptists and Buddhists, to UUs and gurus. We are also grateful for the generous, enthusiastic comments of Nobel laureates and other science and religion luminaries who read Thank God for Evolution (TGFE) and offered their feedback and endorsements. I wrote about responses from science leaders a few weeks ago and about responses from religous leaders yesterday. What follows is a sampling of responses to our sermons, seminars, and other public presentations, from teachers in various secular and religious contexts, as well as from religious leaders and congregants across the theological spectrum, grouped by religous orientation.

Response from Religious Leaders Across the Spectrum

Responses from religious leaders who have read Thank God for Evolution, by affiliation...

For the Non-religious and Anti-religious

grand canyon

In addition to speaking in numerous and widely diverse kinds of churches and other religious settings over the last seven years, from very liberal groups to very conservative ones, Connie and I have also presented audience-appropriate versions of our science-based 'gospel of evolution' message in more than a hundred secular settings, including colleges, high schools, grade schools, public libraries, environmental groups, intentional communities, food co-ops, nature centers, and even an occasional zoo. What follows are posts of mine written during the past year that non-religious, science-oriented folk (humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and atheists) tend to appreciate:

For the Religious (Across the Theological Spectrum)


One of the challenges Connie and I face in our Great Story-telling ministry is trying to speak meaningfully to a wide variety of religious and non-religous groups. In our first seven years of teaching and preaching evolution together, we have been invited to present sermons, seminars, evening programs, or multiday workshops in more than 600 churches, convents, monasteries, and spiritual centers across the continent, including liberal and conservative Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Unitarian Universalist, Unity, Religious Science, Quaker, Mennonite, Jewish, and Buddhist groups. Here are posts of mine written during the past year that devoutly, as well as nominally, religious people tend to find inspiring, provocative, or both:


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Even Rocks Evolve!


All too often I hear evolution being dismissed by scriptural literalists as "Darwin's theory," or "just a theory."  For them, understanding of the natural processes of evolution seems to be stuck at the scientific evidence available during the famous Scopes Trial in the 1920s. That is, for them the evolutionary paradigm pertains only to biology - specifically, how the vast diversity of species emerged out of less complex, less diverse forms.

But today, the term 'evolution' applies to far, far more. Consider this historical sequence:

Guest Blog: A Place at the Podium

Guest blog

Guest blog by Connie Barlow (my beloved wife and mission partner)

Just days before the U.S. national elections on November 4, one Republican incumbent (Senator Elizabeth Dole) endorsed a video ad that implied her Democratic rival (Kay Hagan) was an atheist - "godless," to be precise. The Associated Press reported:

"When Dole aired an ad questioning Hagan's credentials as a Christian, Hagan's response was quick and aggressive. She sued Dole, accusing her of libel and defamation, and went to the airwaves to defend her faith, telling voters she teaches Sunday school and serves as a church elder."

As an "out" atheist (I prefer the terms "evolutionary humanist" or "religious naturalist," both of which describe what I am, rather than what I am not), I longed for someone of stature in America to remind our nation that there is nothing intrinsically wrong or morally reprehensible about holding an atheist perspective. If a political candidate is, in fact, an atheist, so what?

Only weeks earlier, Colin Powell had made basically the same point in response to rumors that Barak Obama was Muslim. A transcript of Powell's remarks include:

A Story of Awakening (Teen Boys)


In October 2008, a Catholic Church in southern Wisconsin invited me to present my "Thank God for Evolution" illustrated slide talk. Middle school teachers at the associated Catholic school invited students to attend with their parents. Soon after, I received an email from one of the parents that totally made my day, Here is how my talk helped two teenage boys: