Inspired by Thank God For Evolution and want to help spread the Great News? Following are lots of ways you can help others discover an evolutionary spirituality that renews lives, inspires communities, and promotes a sustainable future evolution.

Make Thank God For Evolution a Bestseller!

Your volunteer actions before the end of July 2008 will have a much more profound impact than later, due to the nature of the publishing and bookselling industry. If you are thinking of giving Thank God For Evolution as Christmas gifts, buy them now to share later!

Shine Your Light

Let people know you are blessed by the message of Thank God For Evolution by sharing your love, joy and enthusiasm with your loved ones and your communities. To evangelize the Great News, be the Great News.

Join the Evolution

Sign up to receive a free newsletter that will continue to inspire and inform you.

Spread the Word, Pass the word, Post the word.

This page contains attractive downloadable post cards, brochures and poster that you can customize, print and give to your friends or post in your community.

Tell Your Friends

One of the most important things you can do is to share your enthusiasm for Thank God For Evolution with friends. Encourage them to check out this web site and to sign up for the newsletter.

Tell Your Community

If you are part of social networking site or if you like to blog, let your communities know about your enthusiasm for Thank God For Evolution.

Tell Your Story

Share your testimony of how the marriage of science and religion has enriched your life. Please send us a picture.

Give The Great Story

Give your friends books, DVDs, T-shirts, or coffee mugs to celebrate the Great News of evolution.

Host a Study Group

Gather friends together and start a study group to deepen your understanding of evolutionary spirituality.

Learn More

To become a more knowledgeable evangelist, visit www.TheGreatStory.org and www.EvolutionaryLife.org to discover more about our amazing cosmic journey.

Wear Your Evangelism

Proclaim your spirit by wearing a T-shirt or cap, sipping from a mug or putting a sticker on your car. Visit our merchandise store today!

Form a STAR Cluster

Deepen your Evolutionary Integrity with friends by forming a group to encourage the spiritual growth of people in your group.

Share Your Talents

Those with musical, poetic or artistic talents of any kind are invited to write songs and create art that we will be happy to post.