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Responses from religious leaders who have read Thank God for Evolution, by affiliation...




“In Thank God for Evolution Michael Dowd has produced a thoughtful, timely, challenging—and readable—synthesis of science and spirituality. This compelling book is the product of candid reflection on the religious and ethical significance of evolution and contemporary cosmology in the spirit of Thomas Berry and Teilhard de Chardin. The author's generosity of soul and depth of ecological concern have allowed him to create a challenging spiritual vision out of an exceptionally wide variety of sources.” —JOHN F. HAUGHT, DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR OF THEOLOGY, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY; AUTHOR OF DEEPER THAN DARWIN; CHRISTIANITY AND SCIENCE; AND IS NATURE ENOUGH?

"For Catholics who are worried that evolution has nothing to offer them but random Godlessness, this is the book to get. Mind you, it may sometimes be challenging. Traditional concepts, like ‘original sin,' get re-expressed with new words, like ‘our lizard legacy.' But the courageous will discover the same joy, energy, and spirituality that fill the author as he explores an evolutionary view of God and Creation. Take courage-and read it!" —CHRIS CORBALLY, SJ, VICE DIRECTOR OF THE VATICAN OBSERVATORY

"Thank God for Evolution is a timely book, giving us dozens of reasons why we need to take evolution seriously. Not only does Dowd describe evolution, perhaps more importantly he shows that to understand ourselves, we need to understand evolution. Dowd explores new terrain by revealing how evolution is relevant to ethics, community building, sexuality, spirituality and a viable future for the Earth community. Thank God for Evolution is a marvellous blend of science and religion, with important insights for a new era of Life on Earth." —HEATHER EATON, FACULTY OF THEOLOGY, SAINT PAUL UNIVERSITY, OTTAWA

"This is a work of many brilliant and provocative insights. A timely contribution to an ongoing dialogue so essential to a better quality of human life for the future." —DIARMUID O'MURCHU, AUTHOR OF QUANTUM THEOLOGY AND EVOLUTIONARY FAITH

"Michael Dowd's book, Thank God for Evolution, is a doorway into a new and glorious transformational moment for the history of religion as it enters into its cosmological phase." —SR. GAIL WORCELO, SGM, GREEN MOUNTAIN MONASTERY

"Thank God For Evolution is a treasure for our time! Here are ten thousand reasons and ways to step out of our little thought boxes, our self-absorbed fears, and enter the grandeur and grit of our true identity. Through Michael Dowd’s gifted writing, information becomes inspiration, and the discoveries of the sciences are the on-going Revelation of a Cosmos which is God’s Self-Expression and Delight, where we and everyone and everything belongs.” —SR. MARY SOUTHARD, CSJ, ARTIST AND CO-FOUNDER OF SPIRITEARTH

"So many today are starving for a meaningful, timely spirituality. Thank God for Evolution will help you to celebrate that the Creator (however you understand that Mystery) has used an evolutionary mode of creating this magnificent universe and invites each of us to be ‘co-creators' at this crucial time in Earth's history." —SR. PAULA GONZALEZ, SC, UNIVERSE STORY/CREATION CARE PRESENTER AND SOLAR ACTIVIST

"Thank God for Evolution 'binds us back to origin' which is the root meaning of the word 'religion'. In reading this book we are at once bound back and then propelled forward into true evolutionary integrity." —SR. BERNADETTE BOSTWICK, SGM, GREEN MOUNTAIN MONASTERY

"With creativity and enthusiasm, Michael Dowd skillfully presents an ecological theology emerging out of the new cosmology. He makes evolution and complex scientific concepts more understandable, while making the central tenets of Christianity a little more acceptable and a lot more hopeful. This book is a significant contribution to re-visioning Christian faith within the Universe Story." —FR. JOSEPH MITCHELL, CP, DIRECTOR OF THE PASSIONIST EARTH & SPIRIT CENTER




"In this book Michael Dowd seeks to bridge the uneasy gap between religion and science. Both sides will be suspicious of his efforts. His work is, however, a step toward that ultimate truth in which both religion and science will finally be reconciled."—BISHOP JOHN SHELBY SPONG, AUTHOR OF JESUS FOR THE NON-RELIGIOUS

"This is a powerful book, a passionate book, a needed book and a necessary book. The author stands up to both Scientific and Biblical literalists and goes for the deeper truths of both schools. He shows the way to celebrate the great gift and goodness that creation and we are on the one hand, but also the dangers that our species exhibits to ourselves and others and how science can help us understand our dilemmas and not throw the religious baby out with the tired bath water. He does this by marrying today's science with many ancient spiritual teachings. A great achievement! A great pointer to our way forward as a species!" —MATTHEW FOX, THEOLOGIAN AND AUTHOR OF ORIGINAL BLESSING AND CREATIVITY

"Few if any religious books quote Richard Dawkins in his own terms, or with approval. That this book does both hints at the breadth of audience it will intrigue. Thank God for Evolution has become my most quoted pastoral resource as a Christian minister. I cannot recommend it too highly." —REV. JASON JOHN, SCOTS CHURCH ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA

"With the passion of a revival preacher, and with grounding in mainstream evolution, Dowd has written a visionary book. It reveals that spirituality is not only compatible with a science-based worldview; it is integral to it." —REV. JIM BURKLO, SR. MINISTER, SAUSALITO PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH; THE CENTER FOR PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIANITY; AUTHOR OF OPEN CHRISTIANITY

"Dowd shows that when the total evolutionary history of the cosmos is viewed in terms of nested emergence instead of a merely random result of matter in motion it can support a deeply spiritual vision rather than a nihilistic one. Instead of being defensive toward evolutionary thought, Christians can appropriate this vision and be guided by it in re-thinking their heritage." —JOHN B. COBB, JR., CENTER FOR PROCESS STUDIES, AUTHOR OF CHRISTIAN FAITH AND RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY

"Faith seeking understanding means, these days, understanding science and its relationship with religion. Michael Dowd writes clearly and forcibly to enlighten the intelligent reader, skeptical of both creationism (and its alter ego, Intelligent Design) and scientism. Not ‘either-or'-either religion or science-but ‘both-and'; both science and religion in mutual respect. A timely, necessary book." —REV. JOHN MAXWELL KERR, FORMER WARDEN, SOCIETY OF ORDAINED SCIENTISTS

"Michael is magnificant! Not only is his understanding of the science and of theology top rate, but his enthusiasm and charisma captured my imagination and gave me hope." —REV. JOHN E. SYSTER, SENIOR PASTOR, FIRST CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, SARASOTA, FL

"Michael Dowd opens our eyes to the holy, stimulates the mind to embrace the innate sacred, and empowers the will to seek the highest good for others." —REV. JEFF HAMILTON, ASSOCIATE MINISTER OF FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST), OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

"My undergraduate degree is in geology, and I am now a Presbyterian pastor. Michael Dowd offers the most remarkable, concise, profound, and easy to understand synthesis of these two backgrounds of understanding our universe and our existence that I have ever experienced. I cannot recommend his book and his public programs too highly." —REV. TODD FREEMAN, COLLEGE HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, TULSA, OK

"Michael does an exquisite job incorporating what we have learned about the universe through modern science into the cosmic story found in scripture and the Christian tradition. No longer does the Christian mind need to make a choice between Moses and Darwin. The choice has always been for God, and Michael makes this clear using a thorough understanding of scripture and tradition, a depth of appreciation for modern science, and a gift for storytelling and preaching." —REV. STEPHEN SMITH, RECTOR OF ST. PATRICK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, DUBLIN, OH; AUTHOR OF SAVING SALVATION: THE AMAZING EVOLUTION OF GRACE

"Michael Dowd's book and presentations give church folk a new way to talk about some complicated subjects. His work has the potential to re-invigorate the way the church talks about evolution, the way we talk about God, and the way we think about ourselves." —REV. DAVID TATGENHORST, ST. LUKE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, BRYN MAWR, PA

"I had long since reconciled any 'debate' between science and religion, never experiencing a sense of conflict between the two.  What Michael Dowd helped me understand was the synergism science and religion could enjoy.  I saw in a totally new way how the truths of our particular faith traditions and the truths of science could come together to engender a love and wonder for creation.  Thank God for Evolution offers a refreshingly hopeful view of the direction of the world." —REV. ROB McCLELLAN, BRYN MAWR PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, BRYN MAWR, PA




"Thank God for Evolution beautifully espouses the best principles and ethics of Anabaptism: humility, responsibility, service, and love of enemies. Michael Dowd shows how the love of Christ can be fully and vitally embraced while responding to 21st century understandings of our world and our universe." —PASTOR RANDY SPAULDING, COVENANT MENNONITE FELLOWSHIP, SARASOTA, FL

"Michael's telling of the Great Story is immediately engaging, both in his book and also in his public presentations. I watched an entire room become riveted with attention and expectation as he donned his Great Story beads and began to recount a mere handful of the 'grace moments' in the 14 billion year epic of evolution. I could not have imagined what a powerful tool the beads were. Michael's ability to engage a group's attention is so vital in an age of information fatigue and short attention spans. And his fluency in the Christian tradition, his ability to place it in a cosmological context, is utterly enlivening and inspiring." —DOUG HITT, PEACE MENNONITE CHURCH, LAWRENCE, KS

“Michael Dowd's integral vision brings us the good news of our time, one that honors our evolutionary story and our noblest religious impulses. This book is a timely and healing gift to the world and its author is a bridge builder who inspires us to greater compassion and understanding. Read this book and find a new faith in the human." —LAUREN DE BOER, POET AND AUTHOR OF WHERE IT COMES FROM, FORMER EDITOR, EARTHLIGHT MAGAZINE




"Like two orphans reunited, spirituality and evolution come face to face in this daring new book by Michael Dowd. Thank God for Evolution invites us to explore new family traditions of knowledge informed by science and mystery inspired by God. As a pastor, I know the temptation may be to continue in a divided house-evolution versus religion. But Dowd skillfully redefines the terms of the relationship, creating hope and practical ways to awaken to the future of living as part of an integrated family that can tackle the challenges of today." —SPENCER BURKE, (A LEADING EVANGELICAL/EMERGING CHURCH WEBSITE), AUTHOR OF A HERETICS GUIDE TO ETERNITY, FORMER MEGACHURCH PASTOR

"Thank God for Evolution is a smart, provocative, and deeply personal book that delights in finding cohesive common ground for many otherwise divergent, even warring, schools of thought. My thinking was stirred. My beliefs were challenged. My point of view was stretched. An inspiringly original vision of our origins!” —KEVIN W. McCARTHY, AUTHOR OF THE ON-PURPOSE PERSON AND THE ON-PURPOSE BUSINESS 




"Michael's book--a sacred look at cosmic history and emergent creativity from multiple angles--will ignite a revolution in evolution for any reader. Here is a book that promises to deliver and delivers on its promises!" —REV. HOWARD CAESAR, SENIOR MINISTER, UNITY CHURCH OF CHRISTIANITY, HOUSTON

"Thank God for Evolution is a seminal work. It crosses the great divide between science and religion, by offering a new, all inclusive, science-based, spirit-infused way for us to move together as co-evolutionary participants in the process of creation. It is a gift to all of us. I recommend it with all my heart." —BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, PRESIDENT, FOUNDATION FOR CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION; AUTHOR OF EMERGENCE

“Michael, your book is a gift to humanity and the Earth...especially at this critical point in human history. Thank you from all of us who will lead better lives and make greater contributions because of your insights.” —MARY MANIN MORRISSEY, PAST PRESIDENT, ASSOCIATION OF GLOBAL NEW THOUGHT

"Michael Dowd's passion for the subject of science and religion is only matched by his broad understanding of this relevant and practical message. And folks are hungry to hear it in the way he presents it. He is helping many to connect the dots and incorporate evolutionary integrity practices into their lives. —REV. STEVE BOLEN, SENIOR MINISTER, UNITY CHURCH OF THE HILLS, AUSTIN, TX

"Michael Dowd’s message brings understanding and peace of mind to those who have had difficulty in reconciling Biblical information with scientific data. He helps us see that there is, and always has been, a Divine hand in our universe. His insightful presentation stirs the hearts and minds of all who hear. His book inspires realistic hope for our world." —ELLEN FANNIN, DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL ACTIVITIES, UNITY CHURCH OF THE HILLS, AUSTIN, TX




"Michael Dowd's marvelous use of scientific information, religious metaphor, humor, and sheer delight in his subject(s) carries us to new places where evolution and the deep stories of religion converge. His book is a gift for our time." —REV. LAUREL HALLMAN, SENIOR MINISTER, FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF DALLAS

"Dowd has given us a bridge across one of the major chasms of our times-religion and evolution. His passion for both science and religion is contagious. Reading his book, one can see that the discourse itself has just evolved to a whole new level!" —REV. MARLIN LAVANHAR, SENIOR MINISTER, ALL SOULS UNITARIAN CHURCH, TULSA

"Michael Dowd is one of the most popular presenters we've had the pleasure to host at the First Unitarian Society of Madison. Now, with a book-length treatment of his ‘gospel of evolution,' he provides us with a treasure trove of cogent information, practical application, and just plain inspiration. Dowd successfully meets the challenge of addressing seekers across the theological spectrum, and gives modern, secular readers a fresh perspective on traditional religious themes and usages. This is a book I would gladly (and securely) recommend, not only to members of my own humanist-inclined congregation but to my evangelical relatives as well!" —REV. MICHAEL SCHULER, SENIOR MINISTER, FIRST UNITARIAN SOCIETY OF MADISON

"The great scourge of our time is not immorality, drugs, or greed. Rather, the greatest threat of our age is that so many of us believe in our hearts that life is without meaning or purpose, and thus our actions reflect this. Michael Dowd has methodically demonstrated in this book that a modern, rational, scientific worldview does not lead to nihilism. Rather, a full-embrace of a scientifically based understanding of the world is key to a powerful religious faith that offers us meaning, wonder, joy, and tremendous hope for solving our most pressing global and human problems." —SALLY BETH SHORE, COMMUNITY MINISTER, UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION OF THE SWANNANOA VALLEY

“This book is a meditation on five years of conversation with Americans of all religious persuasions on the meaning of revelation in an age of secular inquiry. It acknowledges the many flash points of conflict between some orthodox doctrines and the current state of scientific theory about the origins of the universe and of life. A most helpful bridge between alternative visions of worth, destiny, and salvation.” —JOHN BREWER, TECHNICAL WRITER, UU EPIC OF EVOLUTION ENTHUSIAST

"A joy and inspiriation to read, Michael's visionary words lay to rest the tired if not fraudulent argument that there's a conflict between faith and science. I admit I'm at times discouraged, confronting the problems of the world, and wonder if we even have time for this. But story by story I am uplifted. Here is the motivation for doing good with our lives: we are inextricably the creation creating, and if we're not participationg in the healing, we're in the way." —JIM SCOTT, SINGER-SONGWRITER

"Amidst the quarrels between scientists and fundamentalists, theists and atheists, liberals and conservatives, comes this wonderful book about our common journey and the stupendous story that we all share. Michael Dowd’s worldview is desperately needed if we are to find a future together on this tiny little planet." —PETER MAYER, SINGER-SONGWRITER




“Michael Dowd has written a book that is at once fun to read and a significant contribution to those who think about God without the blindfolds of past centuries. Dowd affirms science, and shows how a spiritually alive consciousness must embrace evolution and understand it in the wider context of a world filled with the presence of God. It will be faith renewing to many Christians and has much from which people of all faiths can learn.” —RABBI MICHAEL LERNER, EDITOR OF TIKKUN, NATIONAL CHAIR OF THE NETWORK OF SPIRITUAL PROGRESSIVES, AUTHOR OF THE LEFT HAND OF GOD

“For too long, evangelical fervor and the sense that we all called to live a purpose-driven life have been identified as conservative values. The progressive community is good at critique but exceedingly poor in articulating a postive and compelling vision. Michael Dowd's new book is a landmark contribution in this regard. It charts a vision of the infinite calling each one of us to fulfill our desiny. The author's love and grace come through on every page. Thank you, Michael, for moving our planet one step forward in our jounrey to Liberation.” —RABBI MARC GAFNI, AUTHOR OF MYSTERY OF LOVE AND SOUL PRINTS

“Michael's book touches something that resonates deep within all of us. For some it will provide new answers where old answers are in question. Others will begin a search to discover their own cosmology much as Michael has done for himself, and shared so beautifully.” —MILT MARKEWITZ, JEWISH RENEWAL MOVEMENT, PORTLAND, OR




“A publishing event of rare significance, this exhilarating book moves us at last beyond false separations of science and religion. With true evangelical fervor, it liberates both heart and mind in service to the great adventure of our time: the rediscovery of our mutual belonging and our kinship with all life. With breathtaking clarity, Michael Dowd not only treats us to a panoramic vision of our origins, but reveals how this Great Story can grace our lives right now with courage, creativity, and peace of mind. Such gifts are not only our birthright, they are essential now for our survival.” —JOANNA MACY, BUDDHIST ECO-PHILOSOPHER, AUTHOR OF WORLD AS LOVER, WORLD AS SELF; AND COMING BACK TO LIFE

"Michael Dowd gives us his creative mind and caring heart to offer his insight and wisdom in this innovative new answer to one of the core questions of our time—the meaning of our existence in the modern Universe. Everyone concerned with the deepest questions of science, religion, who we are, and our place in the Universe absolutely should read this book!" —JACK SEMURA, BUDDHIST PRACTITIONER, THEORETICAL PHYSICIST, PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY

"Michael Dowd offers us a lens for observing that our understanding of God necessarily evolves through the public revelation of science. We can now realize and experience that God is here, now, that Creation is ongoing, and that God is greater than the limited knowledge and expression of historic human thought and language. I thank Michael for offering that at the core of religion and spirituality is our aspiration to experience the 'integrity' of Self, Other, and The Whole—and that anything that diminishes that integrity is a 'SIN' (Sensed Integrity Nullification). I hope you, like I am, are inspired by this great work of clarifying the great stories of Creation—and that this book furthers your own great work in the world!" —MARK R. JONES, DHARMA TEACHER, CEO, THE SUNYATA GROUP AND THE INTEGRAL WELLNESS GROUP

"How did we as humans get to be where we are? Where does humanity go from here? For centuries, answers offered by the Religions and Evolutionary Theory have been deemed to be contradictory. The proverbial "twains" that have yet to meet, causing us to think that they never can or will. Michael Dowd's book Thank God for Evolution demonstrates convincingly that they indeed can and do so. They are the two sides to the same coin of divinity!! I recommend it to the skeptics on both sides. —SESH VELAMOOR, TRUSTEE, FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE; PAST PRESIDENT, INDIA ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN WASHINGTON (IAWW)




"Michael Dowd's unrestrained passionate call is as infectious as it is timely. And he’s right! It is nothing less than urgent that we abandon any and all notions of a static universe, or a static god for that matter, so that we will be able to take up the reins of our cosmic inheritance and endeavor boldly and heroically to create the future in the most conscious way possible." —ANDREW COHEN, SPIRITUAL TEACHER, FOUNDER OF ENLIGHTENNEXT MAGAZINE

"Few subjects today arouse more passion than the culture war between traditional religion and evolutionary science. Dowd's timely book offers a refreshing third way and introduces us to a promising new field emerging on the edges of contemporary culture-evolutionary spirituality. Integrating breakthrough ideas from evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, physics, and evolutionary biology, Dowd makes a compelling case for why the spiritual and religious impulse is not erased but profoundly enriched by our ever-expanding knowledge of self, nature, and cosmos. With the enthusiasm of an evangelical and the open-mindedness of a scientist, he offers the reader a smorgasbord of fascinating new ideas, and begins a discussion about the theological future of Christianity that is long overdue." —CARTER PHIPPS, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, ENLIGHTENNEXT MAGAZINE

"According to Sir Francis Bacon, 'A little science estranges a man from God; a lot of science brings him back.' Now Michael Dowd has shown us how this is also true of evolution itself. In fact, the story of how the universe has developed and progressed through time is increasingly being recognized as a profound spiritual teaching destined to edify humanity for ages to come. Thank God for Evolution is thus an important work in this growing effort to discover and appreciate the 'revelation of evolution' in its fullness. I recommend it wholeheartedly." —STEVE MCINTOSH, AUTHOR OF INTEGRAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND THE FUTURE OF EVOLUTION

"In Thank God for Evolution Michael Dowd deftly transcends the raging battle between science and religion, while embracing the goodness, truth, and beauty of both worlds. His work is an integral masterstroke that is accessible to everyone--utterly serious and factually rigorous while at the same time lighthearted and uplifting. The poet Rumi said that the soul is here for its own joy, and Michael manages to  evoke this sense while teaching evolutionary dynamics. As an adult educator, I say this is the way learning should be, and I can’t recommend this book enough!” —SUSAN CANNON, INTEGRAL EDUCATOR AND FUTURIST

"Michael Dowd is one of my heroes... I'm pleased to see more and more people address the patterns of human emergence. Michael has made a significant contribution to understanding this critical aspect of human nature." —DON BECK, CO-FOUNDER OF THE NATIONAL VALUES CENTER, CEO OF SPIRAL DYNAMICS GROUP

"Michael has written a beautiful book that embraces everyone, trumps outdated disagreements, and takes us all to the next level of hope and inspiration. This Great Story can unite us all in a passionate and intellectually satisfying vision of why we are here and how magnificent it all is. Read—and be engaged in the real hero's journey—the journey to the center of everything and to the center of yourself.” —CINDY WIGGLESWORTH, PRESIDENT, CONSCIOUS PURSUITS, INC.

"Every so often a book comes along with a message so fresh, so timely, and so encompassing that it seems it could actually change the world. This is just such a book-demonstrating that the scientifically revealed story of evolution is the most inspiring creation myth of all." —CRAIG HAMILTON, NEW DIMENSIONS RADIO, AUTHOR AND JOURNALIST




"The beauty of the Epic of Evolution is its capacity to anchor and birth a multitude of religious responses. Dowd offers us an impassioned vision, forged during his encounters with countless seekers, of how the Great Story can enrich, and indeed make sense of, traditional religious orientations while leaving plenty of room for readers not comfortable with God language. Refreshing, honest, unpretentious, and deep." —URSULA GOODENOUGH, PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY; AUTHOR OF THE SACRED DEPTHS OF NATURE

"Michael Dowd's new book should be made into a Hollywood film: An evangelical Christian preacher (Michael) and an atheist evolutionary naturalist (Connie Barlow) fall in love, marry one another, and give birth to their stunning new vision that promises healing for so many. If you love God, if you love the animals, if you love Jesus, if you love the flowers and Sun and Moon, here's the book that will help you gather all these loves together." —BRIAN SWIMME, PROFESSOR OF COSMOLOGY, CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF INTEGRAL STUDIES, SAN FRANCISCO; CO-AUTHOR OF THE UNIVERSE STORY"Dowd belongs to that tradition of religious thinkers, from Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Berry, that illuminates the Universe as revelation of the Divine. Aimed straight at the unnecessary split between Christianity and current cosmology, this significant work has revolutionary implications for our collective worldview. Michael Dowd is a voice the world needs." —DREW DELLINGER, DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL ECOLOGY, JOHN F. KENNEDY UNIVERSITY; FOUNDER OF POETS FOR GLOBAL JUSTICE; AUTHOR OF LOVE LETTER TO THE MILKY WAY

"Michael Dowd's book Thank God for Evolution is a heroic accomplishment. Not only does it succeed in blazing new trails between the heart and the mind, it does so with the exciting, seemingly dangerous, soulforce of an Old Testament prophet. No idle entertainment here—this book fills you with wonder and changes your life!” —JESSICA RICE, MUSICIAN AND EDUCATOR, OAKLAND, CA

"Read this book. Then read it again. Then share it with everyone you know. Dowd's comprehensive synthesis of evolutionary psychology, biology, and theology is a 21st century operating manual for the consciously evolving human being. Thank God for Evolution is not only a brilliant articulation of the profound interconnections between science and spirituality, it is also a practical guidebook for living an evolutionary, radiant, scientifically informed and faith-foundationed life." —HARRY PICKENS, PIANIST/COMPOSER, GROUP FACILITATOR, CEO of IN TUNE WITH LIFE

“Michael Dowd is a pioneering voice for a deep spirituality that both celebrates the wisdom of science and is juicy with love, intimacy, and aliveness.  With intelligence, enthusiasm, and humor he welcomes us to participate in the unfolding discovery of our own spirituality within the sacred revelation that is our evolving universe.” —DUANE ELGIN, AUTHOR OF PROMISE AHEAD; VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY; THE LIVING UNIVERSE

“This is a much needed book, even a Holy Book, a scripture for a spiritual renewal available to all religions as well as people living outside organized religion. Michael writes with verve and courage. He is a true Evangel, bringing a message of wholeness to everyone. His arguments for recognizing the inherent relationship of religion and science as the YinYang of the human experience are compelling.” —BILL BRUEHL, PLAYWRIGHT, SENECA, SC

"There is so much in this book to admire and to take inspiration from. Michael’s gutsy reframing of Original Sin is especially welcomed. The book is a timely bridge, a reconciliation not only of science and religion but of all that keeps us separate. It is above all, a compassionate and masterful exploration, a prophetic vision of our evolving human nature. Michael delivers the magnificent story of the universe straight to the heart." —PAULINE LA BEL, COSMOLOGICAL PLAYWRIGHT AND SINGER

"A recovering fundamentalist reveals the profound spiritual power of our evolutionary story. A must for both sides of the debate." —PETER RUSSELL, AUTHOR OF THE GLOBAL BRAIN AND FROM SCIENCE TO GOD"No one brings evolution up closer and more personal than Michael Dowd. Convincingly making science itself a gift of God, Dowd shows us a meaningful, living universe. It's high time to know our true evolutionary potential as this book shows it and to engage in fulfilling our evolutionary destiny together!" —ELISABET SAHTOURIS, EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGIST, AUTHOR OF EARTHDANCE: LIVING SYSTEMS IN EVOLUTION AND A WALK THRU TIME: FROM STARDUST TO US

"Cutting edge organizational thinking has revealed that focusing on the positive can lead to real change, focusing on problems is lifeless. While pondering the survival of the human species may be a powerful motivator for some, focusing on humanity's place in an evolving sacred Universe will change our relationship with planet Earth for centuries to come. This is what Michael Dowd does artfully and powerfully. This is a book to read and re-read, but also to share with others and discuss." —JIM SCHENK, EDITIOR OF WHAT DOES GOD LOOK LIKE IN AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE?, CO-FOUNDER OF ENRIGHT RIDGE URBAN ECO-VILLAGE 

"Science is handing us an incredible, mind blowing creation story. What do we do with this grand epic? How do we integrate it? What does it mean for who we are? Thank God for Evolution is a book we can tightly hold onto to help us through the 'shattering' and into a whole new world.” —JENNIFER MORGAN, AUTHOR OF BORN WITH A BANG; FROM LAVA TO LIFE; MAMMALS WHO MORPH

“The time of ‘flat earth’ religions is over, so too is the era of a flattened science blind to higher dimensions. We are in the midst of a Copernican revolution of immense proportions as the awe inspiring vastness of time and space and truths that Seers have long proclaimed- stand equally revealed. Thank God for Evolution is the gospel (good news) of our times, announcing a radically new relationship between science and spirit.” —DANA LYNNE ANDERSON, EVOLUTIONARY ARTIST, FOUNDER OF AWAKENING ARTS, ILLUSTRATOR OF BORN WITH A BANG; FROM LAVA TO LIFE; MAMMALS WHO MORPH





"Thank God for Michael Dowd! That was my reaction as I finished reading Thank GOD for EVOLUTION. How wonderful that a Christian pastor takes the time to understand evolution and discovers that evolution and religion need not be in conflict. Rather much religious inspiration can be drawn from contemplating the immensity of the universe and the magnificent beauty and diversity of the living world. More yet, Michael Dowd is dedicating his life to preaching that the dialogue between evolution and religion can be fulfilling, surely for people of faith, but also for scientists." —FRANCISCO J. AYALA, PAST PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (AAAS), PROFESSOR OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, IRVINE, AND AUTHOR OF DARWIN'S GIFT TO SCIENCE AND RELIGION 

"A voice of sanity and inspiration revealing a way not only toward a deeper Christianity but a deeper humanity. It inspires faith not that a magical force will save us if we just cling to our old stories but faith in ourselves that if we fully accept the discoveries of science, we can grow as a species, widen our perspective, strengthen ourselves morally for the world we actually live in, and protect our planet and our children’s children." —JOEL R. PRIMACK AND NANCY ELLEN ABRAMS, AUTHORS OF THE VIEW FROM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE

"An itinerant preacher who teaches evolution in the evangelical style? I was skeptical at first, but Dowd remains true to both science and the spirit of religion. He understands that what most people need to accept evolution is not more facts, but an appreciation of what evolution means for our value systems and everyday lives." —DAVID SLOAN WILSON, DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY, BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY; AUTHOR OF DARWIN'S CATHEDRAL AND EVOLUTION FOR EVERYONE"Dowd shows that there are many ways to be a spiritual person and that all of them are enriched by an understanding of modern science, especially evolution. This is a creative, provocative book that sheds light on just about any spiritual path one might be on. Many will find their faith revolutionized." —EUGENIE C. SCOTT, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION"With passion and wit, Michael Dowd does what very few before him have been able to accomplish--he demonstrates how it is possible to productively blend spirituality and science. In Thank God for Evolution Dowd draws from both science and religion and evokes a world in which evolution and creation are not at odds with each other--and he does so without compromising the basic principles of either." —MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN, DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES, BUTLER UNIVERSITY; FOUNDER OF THE CLERGY LETTER PROJECT AND EVOLUTION WEEKEND

"Michael, I loved your book. Excellent. Really powerful stuff. We're fortunate to have you on our side (the "our" being humanity). Your discussion of evolutionary integrity was especially meaningful to me. I tried to do something similar to this in a couple of chapters in my book Why Darwin Matters, and in How We Believe, but you're a better preacher than I am! I really hope your book does well. When are you coming back to southern California? I'd like to schedule you to present at Caltech." —MICHAEL SHERMER, EDITIOR OF SKEPTIC MAGAZINE, COLUMNIST FOR SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, AUTHOR OF THE SCIENCE OF GOOD AND EVIL: WHY PEOPLE CHEAT, GOSSIP, CARE, SHARE, AND FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE

"Michael Dowd describes two life-transforming conversions in his past: one to fundamentalist Christianity, the other to Darwinism. Many see these views as antithetical. Dowd shows us that religious and scientific worldviews are reconcilable. More important, he shows that our intellectual and spiritual sanity depends on how we reconcile them. Thank God for Evolution is a brilliant and captivating description of our sacred evolutionary epic, one that even the most loyal fundamentalist and staunchest atheist will find uplifting. It is informed by our best scientific lights; but it is also written from a personal commitment to faith. It is essential reading for anyone who thinks that a love of science is irreligious, or that spirituality must remain naive." —JOSEPH BULBULIA, PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY

"Thank God for Evolution is a rare combination of virtues: it is passionately and deeply spiritual and reveals an amazingly good grasp of what the evolutionary sciences have discovered about our basic human nature." —KIMMO KETOLA, RESEARCHER, THE CHURCH RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF FINLAND

"Michael Dowd and his wife, Connie Barlow, have committed their lives to showing that you can be a true Darwinian and a truly spiritual person. Thank God for ‘em, and thank God for Michael's new book. —ROBERT WRIGHT, AUTHOR OF THE MORAL ANIMAL: WHY WE ARE THE WAY WE ARE—THE NEW SCIENCE OF EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY, AND NONZERO: THE LOGIC OF HUMAN DESTINY

"That evolution is a divine force has not been well appreciated, or articulated, up till now. But through the efforts of this brave book and others inspired by it, this realization is certain to be more widely embraced in the coming decades." —KEVIN KELLY, FOUNDING EXECUTIVE EDITOR, WIRED MAGAZINE, AUTHOR OF OUT OF CONTROL, AND NEW RULES FOR THE NEW ECONOMY

"Thank God for Evolution sweeps us into a freshly minted universe, in which both evolution and religion are transformed, enlivened, and blessed in ways they cannot be when warring against each other. They both come out shining-and profoundly relevant together, not only in the world we live in, but in the very different world that is just around the corner. Michael Dowd treats us to an alluring, prophetic glimpse of something very positive that is suddenly very possible. This is a truly original book at the near edge of a deeply hopeful future." —TOM ATLEE, AUTHOR OF THE TAO OF DEMOCRACY AND CO-INTELLIGENCE.ORG

Thank God for Evolution offers a powerful foundation for a new and inspiring cultural narrative. As it heals the divide between science and religion, it invites us to consider the potential for resolving other tensions in our current collective story. Imagine growing our capacity to transcend the rifts between convervative/progressive, black/white, rich/poor and other divides by revealing a larger vision that encompasses difference. This great story, told by a gifted storyteller, offers that great possibility. What a blessing!” —PEGGY HOLMAN, GROUP FACILIITATOR, AUTHOR OF THE CHANGE HANDBOOK

"A much-needed bridge between science and spirit, well written, entertaining, and inspiring. Michael Dowd is one Christian Preacher who speaks to this Pagan's heart!" —STARHAWK, AUTHOR OF THE SPIRAL DANCE; THE EARTH PATH; THE FIFTH SACRED THING

"A radical and astounding book guaranteed to enrich your life and understanding of your place in the universe, whether or not you find God language useful or inspiring." —KEVIN W. KELLEY, AUTHOR OF INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, THE HOME PLANET

"This book offers an enthusiastic encounter with evolutionary science in an evangelical idiom. It will change the minds and even the hearts of people who have been alienated by rhetoric that pits science against faith." —JOAN ROUGHGARDEN, PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, STANFORD UNIVERSITY; AUTHOR OF EVOLUTION AND CHRISTIAN FAITH

"This is a work of genius! Thank God for Evolution is a fantastic book! Brilliant! A page turner! It is also an example of our whole new understanding of co-intelligence, because it is clear that he and Connie and all the people they have read and all the people they have engaged in the conversation over the last 6 years have magnified the brilliance of this presentation beyond any single genius' capacity. You might as well buy ten copies to start with because you won't be able to finish one without giving it away to someone time and again! Be forewarned! Would I lie to you?" —BRAD BLANTON, AUTHOR OF RADICAL HONESTY AND THE TRUTHTELLERS

"A passionate, forceful, intelligent, and irenic voice in the all-too-often strident exchanges between creationists and evolutionists." —G. PETER SCHRECK, PROFESSOR OF PASTORAL CARE, PALMER THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

"'Oh no,' I thought. 'Not another book on evolution and religion.' But this one is simply too full of unexpected and creative ideas to be missed. You may not agree with everything (anyway, where's the fun in that?). But you will, often enough, find yourself thinking 'I wish I had said that!'  Michael's grand theme-that evolution is not only compatible with religious faith, but is positively enriching, is exactly right, and is something that can't be said often enough. Will ‘the marriage of science and religion' transform our world?" —PAUL WASON, DIRECTOR OF LIFE SCIENCES, JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION

"Writing with integrity, reverence, and passion, Michael Dowd recasts the evolutionary history of the Universe as a sacred and ongoing process. With sound science and deeply spiritual theology, Thank God for Evolution offers an end to science-religion conflict and a new way of living as part of an integral, planetary, and evolutionary whole." —KAREN WALSH WYMAN, DIRECTOR, NORTH AMERICAN SCIENCE AND RELIGION FOUNDATION

"Whatever our faith traditions and our ways of explaining the infinite majesty of the universe, this book will help us reach out to bridge some of America's most profound and most harmful divides." —PAUL LOEB, AUTHOR OF SOUL OF A CITIZEN

"A treasure trove of insights fired by inspiration and expressed with a rare passion for truth and integrity. This is a book that could transform your life." —CHRISTIAN DE QUINCEY, PROFESSOR OF CONSCIOUSNESS STUDIES, JOHN F. KENNEDY UNIVERSITY; AUTHOR OF RADICAL NATURE