My Presentation at the United Nations

UN Values caucus

A few weeks ago, I had the honor and delight of presenting my newest program, Evolution and the Global Integrity Crisis, at the United Nations, in New York City.  The event, sponsored by The Values Caucus at the United Nations, was attended by 40 people representing a wide diversity of religious, political, and philosophical worldviews.  (See event flier and photo essay.)  My program was very well received and afterwards several members of the Values Caucus began talking about the possibility of inviting me back to speak to a much larger audience at the United Nations.  Naturally, I told them that I would be thrilled to do so.  Here is what I offered:

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  From crumbling economies to collapsing ecosystems, humanity is experiencing an unprecedented global integrity crisis.  In a richly illustrated presentation, Michael Dowd proposes that the lack of an evolutionary worldview made the current crisis inevitable and that a deep-time view of human nature, values, and social systems provides a clear and inspiring way forward.

A few days after the event, Anne Creter, one of the organizers, sent me this touching note:

Dear Michael:  On behalf of the Values Caucus at the United Nations, please accept our heartfelt appreciation for sharing your brilliant, rousing, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring April 2 presentation on “Evolution and the Global Integrity Crisis” with us.  We were honored to be the first to introduce you at the UN, a place which needs to (and hopefully will) hear much more of your message.  You really captivated us with your masterful insight and articulation of the complexities of the universe that puts it all in such a hopeful, uplifting perspective in these troubled times.  We received an overabundance of praise of you and your material.  Thank you and Connie for all the effort you put into making this such a grand UN event.