Agape International Spiritual Center

Michael Beckwith

We've been staying at Tahdi Blackstone's home in the West Hills of Los Angeles, which is just heavely.  Tahdi, a former board member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has been a leader in the IONS community in Los Angeles for many years.  She's a beautiful soul and has a wonderful place—one of our favorites, actually.  She invited us to be at her home while she went to the 13th Annual International IONS Conference, in Tuscon, AZ.

The highlight of the week was our experience at Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith's (pictured left) dynamic New Thought church, Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City.  Even though we've yet to meet in person, Rev. Michael invited me to fill his pulpit for the Wednesday evening worship service, while he and his wife, Ricki Byers Beckwith, were speaking in Portland, Oregon.  I don't think I've ever experienced more passionate, get-your-body-up-and-clap gospel music in my entire life.  It was absolutely awesome.  It was also a wonderful way to celebrate Connie's and my 8th wedding anniversary.   They gave me 35 minutes to preach, and I had a blast.  What a fabulous and wonderfully diverse church!  If you've ever in the LA area on a Sunday morning or a Wendesday night, make sure you attend Agape.  It's quite the experience. 

My presentation, "7 Gifts of Evolutionary Spirituality" was recorded by 3 TV cameras and can be seen here.

On Thursday night, I offered my 90-minute "Evolution and the Global Integrity Crisis" program, which was also very well received.