Introducing Billy Grassie


I'd like to introduce a friend and colleague in the Epic of Evolution movement, William Grassie.  "Billy", as he is known by most, is founder and emeritus executive director of the Metanexus Institute on Religion and Science.  Metanexus currently works with some 400 partners at universities in 43 countries.  They publish an online journal, The Global Spiral, with over 9,000 subscribers, to which Billy is a frequent contributor.

(FYI...Billy reviewed the original Counil Oak Books version my book, Thank God for Evolution, HERE.  The Viking/Plume edition of TGFE includes references for all the quotes that Billy says in his review that he wished were there. :-)

I highly recommend Billy's website, especially his essays and book reviews.  He's not only a gifted writer and one of the leading contributors to the Epic of Evolution movement, he's quite a photographer as well, as you can see HERE.

On a recent drive from Sacramento to Ashland, Connie read aloud Billy's recent essay/book review: "A Thought Experiment: Envisioning a Civilization Recovery Plan".  I can't recommend this piece too highly.  It's both a provocative essay and a great review of David Chrisitan's book, Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History.  (In case you missed it, I wrote my own off-the-charts positive review of David Christian's "Big History" Teaching Company course a few months ago, which you can see HERE.)

Please do take time to enjoy Billy's thinking, writing, and photos.  You'll be glad you did!