Cathy Russell, Boulder, USA

I have been rereading TGFE which inspires me even more the second time than the first. Here is a vignette from my life: Today I am especially moved by this quote (from page 195): "You can live a life of ‘Christ-like’ integrity with or without an evolutionary wordview. It can be done either way. It's just much easier with an evolutionary worldview."

In my case, the sacred evolutionary worldview makes Christ-like integrity even possible. While in church yesterday, I realized once again how much more deeply and widely I could receive the message of divine love because of this sacred evolutionary world view. Communion, the sermon, and the songs all shine with more relevance, more power, and more grace in the light of evolution. As a result of this enriching integration of spirit and science, I and those near to me are so much happier and inspired to work for social and environmental sustainability.

Others in my church have been reading and have been inspired by Thank God for Evolution! I've been reading the well-organized and easy to follow study guide in anticipation of leading members of my church in a group study of this awesome book.

Thank you again, for all you do and for the invitation to help you do it!

Co-Creatively Yours,

Cathy Russell

Cathy Russell, Boulder, USA