"A Push Toward Common Ground... a way to bridge the gap!"

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Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow were guest speakers at a 2008 Unitarian Universalist summer camp in Oklahoma. In this video story you'll hear from a number of individuals who attended the camp sessions. Gary Witt, Marcia Baumel, Mary Chapman McIntosh, Glen McIntosh and Mark Christian provide feedback on their reaction to Thank God For Evolution

Responses from attendees at "AND GOD SAID IT WAS GOOD" Conference, October 17-18, 2008, Marquette University

Rev. Michael Dowd Was the Keynote Presenter (3 Plenary Sessions)...

~  "This is like finding out the earth is round! It opens up new ways of thinking and being."

Former Astronaut Loren Acton Speaks To "DAY & NIGHT LANGUAGE"(II)

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Dr. Loren Acton, former astronaut aboard the Challenger, shares his
version of "Day & Night Language" inspired by "Thank God For
Evolution". Now a professor at Montana State University, Dr. Acton,
during the summer of 1985, had the privilege to serve as payload
specialist for the Spacelab-2 mission which traveled over 2.8 million
miles in 126 orbits of Earth. (CLICK HERE TO SEE Dr. Acton's Sermon PART I)